MoonRise on Webtoon

Hey folks! Today is the day of MoonRise‘s launch on Webtoon! We poured our hearts into making this series, and we will keep doing it with our best! We would like to mention the hard work of the rest of our Creative Team. Eda Çakan‘s work on flats and assisting colors has been a consequential part of creating our episodes. She is a talented young artist who will achieve wonders in the future! Our editor Lucas Soto has been an invaluable part of the series from the get-go. He helped us to achieve what we were aiming for every step of the way, so we want to thank our team for the incredible amount of work they have done so far! #packstrong

You can also get a lot of exclusive content about MoonRise on our Patreon page and help us bring you even more content. There are tiers with lots of additional content so check them out when you can!

You can read MoonRise on Webtoon with a brand new episode every Thursday!

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