Mike Exner III

Writer / Co-Creator

I’m Mike, a writer from the Cali Bay Area. I helped found Loophole Comics, an indie publisher, in DATE HERE, and self-published a number of titles through it including Adamant, Lesser Evils, and Villain Takes All. I’ve also written for other indie publishers, Dark Horse and most recently Skullgirls for Webtoon. My creator-owned Webtoon Original series, MoonRise, launched in January 2023 and is currently ongoing. If you want to know what I’m up to next give me a follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Substack!

Cem Iroz

Illustrator / Co-Creator

My name is Cem Iroz, I’m a comic book creator. I mostly spend my free time coding (let it be websites or indie games), and creating board, PNP, and card games. I’m a big fan of science fiction (more of a Star Trek fan though especially Voyager). Comic book works I have done can be seen in titles such as The Pride Adventures, Colossal Chaos from Out of the Blue, It Came Out On A Wednesday, The Theory, The Pride Omnibus, BORDERx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail (Anthology), Tales from the Quarantine and most recently MoonRise a Webtoon Original Series.

Eda Çakan

Color Assist / Flatter

Hello! My name is Eda Çakan. I recently graduated from high school and now doing my part in MoonRise! I’ve been creating comics since middle school and have also had the opportunity to work for magazines and brands. I am a big fan of Inio Asano’s art style and storytelling techniques and constantly striving to improve my own skills in these areas. Although I don’t have a lot of experience in the comics industry, I am determined to work hard do my best and keep learning!