Kam is a teenage boy who has spent his entire life at REMUS. Trapped within the walls of the compound, and thought of as a werewolf, he’s endured years of testing and torture that have molded him into an uncontrollable weapon REMUS aims at their enemies, but has also made him cautious and uncertain of his self-worth. Despite this, he remains a bright and exuberant young man struggling to survive as best as he can and hoping to discover who he truly is – both inside and out.

Anula is a mysterious warrior from the lands of Myrrn. A skilled fighter and tactician, she is the embodiment of responsibility and dedication to duty, almost to a fault, but tempers this with compassion and humility. Her mission. To retrieve Kam from REMUS and return him to the people of Myrrn. A mission she will accomplish no matter the cost to her or any humans who stand in her way.

Lee Conrad is the founder and director of REMUS. Controlling, highly paranoid and with a hunger for power, his gruff demeanor conceals a cold, calculating personality that withholds secrets even from the people closest to him.

Dr. Maria Wane is a bio-scientist and the medical director at REMUS. Intelligent and kind, her duty is to maintain the physical wellbeing of Kam, while also studying his mysterious origins and avoiding any sentimental attachment.

Sterling is Kam‘s handler and trainer. A bitter, hard man with little empathy for anyone or anything, he prepares Kam for his missions using means that are often brutal, cruel and severe.

Harrison Conrad is commander and team leader of the REMUS tactical squad, as well as head of security. Highly trained and pragmatic, he and his unit accompany and deploy Kam on seek-and-destroy missions and are also tasked with his retrieval.

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Information is classified.

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