MoonRise – The Pack is Back! Can you keep up?

Rise and shine, MoonRisers! And brace yourselves because the much-anticipated webcomic is making a comeback later today, 02/22, and we’re in for one wild ride! If you haven’t been following our action-packed Webtoon, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of Kam, our reluctant Myrrnian hero, and his interstellar journey of self-discovery.

MoonRise Second Trailer

The Road So Far:

We’ve witnessed Kam’s tortured past as he was manipulated into becoming a living weapon by the shadowy agency REMUS. Implanted with devices that force him into a feral Myrrn form, Kam’s life takes a dramatic turn when Anula, a fellow Myrrnian, rescues him from REMUS captivity. Anula reveals Kam’s true identity – not only is he not of this world, he’s the rightful heir of Myrrn, betrayed and dethroned by his parents’ closest ally, the savage Kerberus.

The dynamic duo face relentless challenges, from REMUS’ dogged pursuit to the mounting threat of warriors from beyond. Kam’s struggle with his monstrous side is intensified when REMUS forces Kam to change against his will, turning him temporarily against Anula. The revelation of Kam’s royal lineage, combined with Anula’s resilience, sets the stage for an epic journey of redemption, self-acceptance, and the fight for justice.

The Road Ahead:

After a mid-season break that left fans on the edge of their seats, MoonRise is back with a promise of even more intrigue, action, and jaw-dropping events. The story picks up as Kam and Anula embark on a quest to find someone who can rid him of the oppressive implants that plague his every step.

MoonRise - The Pack is Back!

As they navigate the treacherous path ahead, readers can anticipate more plot twists, heart-stopping encounters, and the unraveling of the mysteries surrounding Kam’s destiny. Will Kam overcome his insecurities and embrace his role as the true heir to the Myrrnian throne? How will Anula’s unwavering support shape Kam’s journey? The answers lie in the pages of MoonRise’s highly anticipated return!

So, buckle up, fellow Myrrnians! The adventure continues, and the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotion, revelation, and a journey that will leave you craving all the more. Welcome back to the world of MoonRise – where the moonlit saga continues!

If you want to know what’s happened to this point, go to our Episodes page and start reading now! Join our pack!

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