MoonRise is Coming Back!

But what is it coming back from, you ask? Why, the dreaded hiatus, of course! Yes, it’s true. MoonRise is on its first official hiatus. A mid-season hiatus, if you want to get technical about it (and you know you do!).

What that means is that creators Cem Iroz and Mike Exner are about halfway through the first season of MoonRise and are taking a bit of time to complete the remainder of the episodes in Season 1 so when they return the series can commence updating week-after-week until the season is complete!

Exactly when MoonRise will be back from hiatus isn’t currently clear. The easy answer is, “As soon as we’re done!”, but the longer answer is that episodes of the quality we feel our audience deserves take time to produce and we’re working our tails (we don’t literally have tails, but you get the idea) off to get the episodes done as quickly as we possibly can. Rest assured that we’re already a fair bit ahead of schedule and we expect to be back releasing episodes of MoonRise sooner rather than later.

Until then keep your eyes on our website for more updates and sneak peeks! You can also find plenty of behind-the-scenes posts, scripts, sketches and more at the MoonRise patreon! You can also follow Cem and Mike on their socials. Cem has twitter, instagram and his own website and Mike has twitter, instagram and a semi-regular newsletter on Substack… the Exner Alert!

We’ll be back in two shakes of a Myrrnian’s tail! In other words…

Ro Myrrn on bael.

(Ro Myrrn on bael.)